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Product Introduction
Totally Enclosed Lifeboats

About our Totally Enclosed Lifeboats

Our general cargo ships (except bulk carriers) are equipped with a totally enclosed lifeboat which is stored on davits on the deck of the mother ship.
In such an event of failure of the electric system of the mother ship, when the crew overrides the davit's safeguards and operates the davit from the inside of the lifeboat (release of a brake) when abandoning ship, it can be launched safely of the lifeboat and leave the mother ship without using electric power.
The lifeboat which uses this launching method is called a Gravity Lifeboat.
About Simultaneous Release Gear
Simultaneous Release Gear is the mental hangers equipped on the bow and stern of the Gravity Lifeboat.
When the lifeboat descends to the surface of the sea by launching, the crew operates the secession handle beside the cockpit and the mental hangers equipped on the bow and stern are immediately released by remote control. The lifeboat can then be released from the mother ship.
Moreover, Simultaneous Release Gear assumes the use at the time of abandon ship in the rough seas, and can break away by the full load condition, i.e., when a load was applied to equipment, by which the crew member took the lifeboat.
Therefore, when the lifeboat is stored, it is important to check Simultaneous Release Gear whether to be fixed in the normal position.


SZK-5 User's Manual

SZK-5 Simultaneous Release Gear is the equipments applied to 83SOLAS.

PDF SZK-5_Drawing.pdf

SZK-37 User's Manual

SZK-37 Simultaneous Release Gear is the equipments applied to 96SOLAS.

PDF SRS-37_Drawing.pdf

SZK-30 User's Manual

SZK-30 Simultaneous Release Gear is the equipment applied to 96SOLAS.
Except for our free fall lifeboat, we ordinarily equip all lifeboats which we manufacture.

PDF SZK30.pdf