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Our Feature

Our strengths

Made in Japan

From the manufacture of the plastic to the attachment of equipment, we manufacture our products solely in our own factory. All main parts, including the engine, are manufactured in Japan.

High-Quality Maintenance

Since the hulls of our ships are manufactured using fire-resistant fiber reinforced plastic, they are tough and will not corrode. Since the structure of equipment attached to our lifeboats is simple and easy to use, they are easy to maintain.

Optimal Size of our Lifeboats

We develop and provide the optimal size of our lifeboats considering the number of crew members on the mother ship.

Class and State Flag Requirements

Our vessels qualify for the approval of ship class and flag requirements of every state.

Trust and Reliability

As outlined in the contract, we deliver our lifeboats manufactured as per our customers' specifications in a timely manner.

Complete Customer Support

Our technicians are on standby in order to service every region in Japan at a moment's notice. In addition, we have established relationships with companies in other major industrial countries so that we will be able to provide problem-free after-sale support to our overseas customers.